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We can provide you with the turnkey solution to fit your requirements like a velvet glove... 


Standard Check-in on 1 st Day is at 3.00 pm

Standard Check-out on Last Day is at 2.00 pm



Twin-Sharing : RM135.00 ++

Tripple-Sharing : RM125.00 ++

Quadruple haring : RM115.00 ++

Quintuple Sharing : RM105.00 ++



Male / Female : RM70.00



Buah Kurma / Bubur Lambuk + 2 Main Dish + 1 Side Dish + Kuih-muih + Cold & Warm Water Servings



Bubur Lambuk / Meehoon / Mee Goreng + Cold & Warm Water Servings


SAHURBuah Kurma / Bubur Lambuk + 2 Main Dish + 1 Side Dish + Kuih-muih + Cold & Warm Water Servings



Explore a variety of exciting Team building events and activities, designed to be motivational, fun and very effective in a short space of time. The outdoor setting, often unfamiliar, provides high impact, lasting learning. Consequences of decisions and actions are immediate with this style of experiential learning providing parallels to the world of work and sport.


Through team-based activities our trainer will guide your group to new heights as a community while breaking down barriers, encouraging the development of interpersonal and interpersonal relationships, and inspire you to view challenges and failures as opportunities for learning and growth.  


Our focus is on providing a fun, engaging experience to strengthen relationship of team participants while providing a unique and enriching experience to add value to your meeting and events experience.​​ The dynamics of an outdoor-oriented program is a critical leadership quality that id nurtured provides excellence for any individual. Our certified group of trainers are entrusted with safely delivering the outdoor adventure that youth and adults expect and that lead to self-discovery and character development



The aim of a great team-building program is to meet set goals and achieve results that enhance social and interpersonal relations within the group. Our own programs set to focus on objectives that explore effective ways such as "to accomplish tasks as a team member" while using such skills as communication, listening, delegation, motivation and leadership, and generally with time constraints. Our success is to be able to create teams with the right mindset and convictions:

  • To be able to work within constraints

  • Listen to ideas

  • Cope with change

  • Make decisions and delegate while leading

  • Overcome perceived obstacles

  • Develop a better understanding of self

  • Work together

  • Empowerment

  • Leadership

  • A better team


If you are planning your firm’s activity, incentive or event we would love to tell you what we can offer. We are now geared up to provide you with the best and on a turnkey basis. Lembah Azwen Resort is set up to be your ideal partner to create and implement the following activities and events:

  • Team building

  • Brian storming sessions

  • Business meetings

  • Product launches and information sessions

  • Corporate incentive activities

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Gala Events

  • Outside Catering Events, such as Bar B Ques, Standing Receptions

  • Corporate family days


Lembah Azwen Resort is the ideal place for corporate conferences, workshops, seminars, executive retreats, team building program, functions event, family day, incentive trip, etc. We have the very best combination of adventure activities, courses, equipment, accommodation, food and service group package deals. Offering a unique retreat venue for planning meetings, leadership programs, executive retreats, board meetings, corporate incentive trips, private group events and experiential Training opportunities, including options specifically designed to use outdoor adventure activities. 


MICE activities such as associated receptions, banquets and support events; including accommodations, meals, seminar rooms for supplementary sessions

  • MEETINGS - Organize annual board meetings and management meetings inclusive training seminars with strategic planning programs. Corporate Retreats for the entire company staff spends a day or two together to participate in team-building activities, training seminars and strategic planning sessions

  • INCENTIVE - For rewarding and motivating sales representatives, dealers, distributors, production workers, support staff, and in some cases, customers. The company rewards sales representatives who reach sales targets by sending them on trips, with Inspired Team-Building Programs and planned activities such as dinners, Unique Theme Parties and games

  • CONVENTIONS - Association yearly ‘theme-convention’ organized to exchange ideas, views and information of common interest to the group with sessions, discussions, food and beverage, dinners, and site visits

  • CONVENTIONS – Companies can organize activities to show new products, services and information to people who have an interest in them, such as potential customers or buyers



Here at Lembah Azwen Resort (LAR) we have a particular belief in the benefit of the outdoors; trough experiential learning using our beautiful wild environment as a powerful education and self-development medium and encompass a unique combination of accommodation, recreational, FUN and entertainment opportunities perfect for an all-inclusive ‘Outdoor Educational’ experience.


We specialize in providing a venue for outdoor educational activity courses, school trips, children’s activity holidays, summer camps suitable for young people, teachers, group or corporate leaders and teams as well as parents. We provide Safe and appropriate indoor & outdoor activity facility & Variety of Outdoor Activities for an All-inclusive “Outdoor Educational” experience that encompass a unique combination of learning, FUN and entertainment opportunities that even teachers as well as parents can be a part of. 



  • Packages exclusively for students with a variety of suitable activities

  • Appropriate & comfortable accommodation

  • Affordable camping experiences

  • Learning Packages are inclusive modules

  • Lodging & Catering

  • Indoor Activity Facilities

  • Equipment

In the outdoors the elements and the environment play a significant part in adding to the need for all students to contribute and to work together to achieve a common aim focus on improving:

  • Reaction of student – what they thought about the training

  • Learning – The resulting increase in knowledge or capability

  • Behaviour – improvement, change and implementation

  • Results – Character Development



Make more time for family time with unique lodging, dining and entertainment all under one roof, and Lembah Azwen Resort allows you to plan the getaway that’s perfect for you. Bond over a weekend that offer activities and attractions that bring people together and hospitality that keeps them coming back. Experience the excitement of our family Retreat & Vacation Package ! 


Lembah Azwen Resort’s Family Package offers the family a chance to get away to the wilderness and enjoy each other’s company. With the Family Package, all the meals are included in this package. The family has their choice of chalet or dormitory accommodation (subject to availability), full meal course (depending on length of stay) and use of all resort facilities (with the option of including outdoor activities package or other add-on packages). The cost of this package varies per amount of people and the particular accommodation chosen. Please contact us for complete information on pricing for this package.


Family reunions are special events where families come together and enjoy various activities that strengthen family ties. These families are looking for venues that offer a wide variety of activities for individuals of all ages to ensure they have the most pleasant and meaningful experience. and endless opportunities for families to forge lasting memories 



All of life’s great moments call for a celebration. From the most intimate gathering to the largest extravaganza, Lembah Azwen Resort offers north Atlanta the most unique venue for you to host a truly memorable event exquisitely planned and executed. In addition, inclusive in our package we provide audio or video equipment, music, floral arrangements, and decor as well as any other wishes you may have to make your event unforgettable.


We have extensive experience in hosting a wide array of events including...

  • Reunions

  • Religious Celebration

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Holiday Parties

  • Weddings

  • Group Events


Come on over and lets Enjoy a memorable celebration... Lembah Azwen Resort is a favorite locale and well known as a place for great celebrations. We offer a range of party options for any budget: Dinner Buffet Party Packages, Lunch Buffet Party Packages, family gatherings, social events and etc. 


Lembah Azwen Resort's designed for a unique venue to host traditional annual holiday celebration with planning made easy and perfect for your budget. Join us during the holiday season to celebrate the year’s successes while toasting the holidays in style. Experience the festive party atmosphere; complete with holiday décor, cocktails, dinner and dancing into the wee hours. There is even a special room rate if you would like to stay in one of Lembah Azwen Resort’s diverse chalets options.


Lembah Azwen Resort is a favorite locale and well known as a place for great celebrations.We offer a range of party options for any budget: Dinner Buffet Party Packages, Lunch Buffet Party Packages, and for Office Party where we handle all the trimmings and music, and your group reservations.

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