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Explore a variety of exciting Team building events and activities, designed to be motivational, fun and very effective in a short space of time. The outdoor setting, often unfamiliar, provides high impact, lasting learning. Consequences of decisions and actions are immediate with this style of experiential learning providing parallels to the world of work and sport.


Our focus is on providing a fun, engaging experience to strengthen relationship of team participants while providing a unique and enriching experience to add value to your meeting and events experience.​​ The dynamics of an outdoor-oriented program is a critical leadership quality that id nurtured provides excellence for any individual. Our certified group of trainers are entrusted with safely delivering the outdoor adventure that youth and adults expect and that lead to self-discovery and character development


Through team-based activities our trainer will guide your group to new heights as a community while breaking down barriers, encouraging the development of interpersonal and interpersonal relationships, and inspire you to view challenges and failures as opportunities for learning and growth.



Our Aim : is to meet set goals and achieve results while enhancing social and interpersonal relations within the group.

Our Objective : is to explore effective ways, to accomplish tasks as a team member, using such skills as communication, listening, delegation, motivation and leadership, and generally with time constraints.


In the outdoors the elements and the environment play a significant part in adding to the need for all students to contribute and to work together to achieve a common aim focus on improving:

  • Reaction of student – what they thought about the training

  • Learning – The resulting increase in knowledge or capability

  • Behaviour – improvement, change and implementation

  • Results – Character Development



  • To be able to work within constraints

  • Listen to ideas

  • Cope with change

  • Make decisions and delegate while leading

  • Overcome perceived obstacles

  • Develop a better understanding of self

  • Work together

  • Empowerment

  • Leadership

  • A better team

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