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Make more time for family time with unique lodging, dining and entertainment all under one roof, and Lembah Azwen Resort allows you to plan the getaway that’s perfect for you.

Bond over a weekend that offer activities and attractions that bring people together and hospitality that keeps them coming back. Experience the excitement of our family Retreat & Vacation Package !


Lembah Azwen Resort’s Family Package offers the family a chance to get away to the wilderness and enjoy each other’s company. With the Family Package, all the meals are included in this package.

The family has their choice of chalet or dormitory accommodation (subject to availability), full meal course (depending on length of stay) and use of all resort facilities (with the option of including outdoor activities package or other add-on packages).

The cost of this package varies per amount of people and the particular accommodation chosen. Please contact us for complete information on pricing for this package.


Family reunions are special events where families come together and enjoy various activities that strengthen family ties. These families are looking for venues that offer a wide variety of activities for individuals of all ages to ensure they have the most pleasant and meaningful experience. and endless opportunities for families to forge lasting memories

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